If the love of money is the root of all evil then why do churches love money more than their members?

The rich people and the big donors get important functions

6 Answers

  • That’s right friend money represents how much you are for material things and it represents how dedicated to God that you are.

    It’s easy to say I will pray that God fills your needs.

    It’s a different matter to bust out the cash and fulfill those needs! That’s why God wants your money in the right place!

    We’re you hide your treasure you will be close by

  • That’s the evil in them. If you love money you’ll do almost anything to get it.

  • To bad you don’t understand, So SAD !!

  • When is a fundie ever not a hypocrite.

  • Your insinuation is non-biblical,& thus has no merit.🤔

  • Because you say so… obviously

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