If travelling to the Philippines, what anti-diarrheal product is best? ?

I usually take Pepto-Bismol when going to other countries. But it might not be enough if I have diarrhea. Any suggestions?

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  • I always carry Lomotil or Immodium tabs. They’re over the counter products, no need for a prescription.

  • Philippine drugstores sell a variety of Loperamide HCL drugs in case you ran out of Pepto-Bismol. Diatabs & Imodium are the popular anti-diarrheal OTC in the Phils. I’m not sure if Mercury Drug or Watsons (Philippines equivalent to CVS and Walgreens) carry Pepto-Bismol though.

  • Lomotil Over The Counter

  • Lomotil Otc

  • Over the counter med would be immodium ad.

    They call it LBM here.

  • have your stool examined then the treat of choice follows:-) in the meantime replace 100cc/lbm sterile water volume per volume.

  • Imodium or Lomotil

  • I don’t understand why you would get diarrhea, and why if you did the medication would be different than elsewhere.

  • Just don’t drink the water from the tap.

  • boiled guava leaves

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