If u book a flight for multiple people using everyone’s own FF#, but cancel it for credit, does everyone get their own credit back?

Basically I am booking a flight on American Airlines for myself and 5 other people, when adding passenger information I put everyones own frequent flyer number. For whatever reason if we have to cancel or the flight gets canceled and we receive a credit, would everyone get credit applied to their AArewards account or would it only go to the person who booked the flight’s account. 

2 Answers

  • The money gets credited to the credit card that paid for the tickets. That has nothing to do with frequent flyer numbers. FF accounts are not linked to credit cards. HOWEVER- have you checked on the airline’s policy? Most give you a credit toward a future flight- not a refund. That, too, goes to the person who paid, not the other people. 

  • The credit has nothing to do with your FF account.

    Each person will receive their own credit voucher.

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