if u put aluminium foil around ur belly is it good for u to lose weight?

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  • I think the method your talking about is body wrapping, and thats with saram-wrap not aluminium foil that will just be uncomfortable and you don’t lose fat its to push out retained water

  • You may lose some weight through dehydrating yourself. The aluminium foil doesn’t accomplish much…you can’t make it seal well enough to really increase your sweating. Saran Wrap or Cling Film would do more. But a far easier way to attain the same weight loss through the same principle is to go to a sauna. The weight loss is very temporary, as soon as you start drinking (and you must or risk severe kidney problems), the weight returns. Within hours.

  • put aluminium foil ur belly good lose weight

  • I can’t tell whether you’re joking or not.

    If you’re not joking… that’s the biggest myth I’ve ever heard. Of course it won’t make a difference.

    EDIT: If you’re talking about trying to make yourself sweat more to lose weight, it won’t work. I mean, you WILL temporarily lose weight (before your body has a chance to replenish its water supply), but all that fat will remain.

  • fill your plate with vegetables first

  • Obtain fun containers, and pack lunch and snacks at home.

  • Start off your worktime using eags beacuse eags has a lot more protein

  • put most used items on top or bottom shelves so you have to reach for them

  • Stop counting you re not going to be lose weight overnight Just concentrate on diet and exercise

  • Aim for a 300- for you to 400-calorie meal.

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