If you bring transfer paper to Kinkos, will they print a photo on it for you?

This girl I know is attempting to make a t-shirt and she wants to use the transfer paper and iron it onto the t-shirt, but needs to use the printers at Costco, because she doesn’t have her own printer.

3 Answers

  • You have to make sure the transfer paper is for laser printers. 99% of transfer paper is not, it says directly on it "For use in Inkjet printers" since ink transfers onto transfer paper and toner does not.

    If you bring a sheet of inkjet transfer paper into Kinkos, they will not print on it, point blank. It will ruin the fuser in their machines and they won’t even let you near it.

    If you bring in a box of laser transfers, they will print on it no problem.

    Source(s): Worked at, operate with, and know the insides and outsides of Fedex Kinkos.
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  • Possibly they could… call them

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