if you change your relationship status does the other person get notified and see it?

Just curious what happens if someone where to change their status, how does the other person know?

I am talking facebook. I am curious if you get notified, or is is just say in a realtionship with (and no name appears)

4 Answers

  • Where do u want to change it? On fb if u say “in relationship with” it will notify the other person and he/she has to say yes. For just “in relationship” (without any names) everybody will get to know that u have changed your relationship status.

  • If you are in a relationship with someone and then you make your status to single, instead of their status showing “In a relationship with person X” it will just say “in a relationship”. There is no notification.

    Source(s): Been there done that
  • if you’ve set up the “Joe is in a relationship with Jenna” then they will have to confirm it when you set it up with their name in it. And they will also be notified when you go from single after being in a relationship with them.

  • What a cнιcκen sh1t question LOL Who cares?? Any “status” change should be done in person.

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