If you had children, what their names be?

If I had children, I’d name them:

1) Carla Irene

2) Susan Marie

3) Audrey Elizabeth

14 Answers

  • Boys:

    Asher Nakoa

    Jonah Gabriel

    Sebastian Bear


    Cleo Rosemary

    Delilah Nightingale

    Naomi Elizabeth

  • Boys:

    William Joseph

    Benjamin Anthony

    Aaron Elijah


    Sylvia Grace

    Charlotte Marie

    Audrey Louise

  • I already have children, but if I were to have more i would consider these names:

    Girls –> Juliet Alice, Zahra Joelle, Rosaline Claire

    Boys –> Elias Connor, Jasper Bryce, Asher Joel.

  • Girls:

    Eliza Drew

    Amelia Kamryn

    Ava Kennedy


    Paxton Lee

    Mason Andrew

    Braxton (middle name undecided)

  • ♂ Cole Emerson or Cole Alexander (most likely one of those middles)

    ♀ Lydia Violet or ♂ Dean Kristopher

  • I have a son named Austin Tyler

  • Katie Jada for a girl.

    For a boy Tyler Steven.

  • I have 4 girls and 2 boys…

    Sabrina Ann

    Taryn Gabriella

    Wyatt Luka

    Maxwell Scott

    Amelia Sophia

    Natalie Briana

    Taryn & Wyatt are adopted, their birth parents named them.

  • Melody Leanne and Kaitlyn Rose for girls.

    Dennis Blake and Leon James for boys.

  • If I had a girl, I’d call her Delia.

    If I had a boy, I’d call him Zander or Jacob.

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