if you shave all of the hair off of a calico cat would the hair grow back calico?

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  • Yes, but it may come in darker or lighter or even a different pattern from before.

    I had to shave a knot out of my cat one time now that one spot is darker the the rest of him lol.

    I’ve heard this is why “show” animals cannot get fixed, because they need to be shaved and the fur would grow back in different.

    Why do you want to shave him/her anyways? I wouldn’t suggest it, cats have VERY thin and loose skin and it’s very easy to knick or cut. ๐Ÿ™ If he/she has knots try cutting them out with scissors but about half an inch away from their skin, then you should be able to brush out the knot.

  • I know that I m almost a decade late to this thread.. But can I just shed some light on this whole situation for anybody else who might come across it seeking information.. Calico/Tortie and similar cats, have a genetic trait in which cells are altered on a case by case basis develop the multi coloured look. That patterning CAN and DOES change, however usually only slightly… so when you cut the cat s fur, chances are the colour that grows back, won t be exactly the same because the information stating which pigmentation should be used, changes. To give you an example, my domestic calico (tortie & white) has a predominantly black speckled ginger coat with significantly large white belly and paw regions. She broke her leg (snapped clean in half) and had to have her entire leg shaven (as well as a patch on her other leg). (It was mainly ginger and white). Now, her broken leg fur has grown back, and she has absolutely no colour patches in her shaven regions (obviously recognisable by a clean cut line where the colour changes), they are just solid black. The fur on her intravenous leg, has grown back ginger tabby and you can see the lines from where she was shaven here too, even though all her fur has fully grown back to the same length. So yes and no. Dependant on the individual cat, their fur might grow back patchy, or it might grow back one solid colour.. or some combination of both like I would expect from mine if I were to shave her entirely. This will be solely dependant on whether the base colour genetics are claiming their dominance, or allowing the secondary trait to express itself.

  • Of course! If it is a calico and not a tortie or patch tabby. There is a difference and most don’t know what it is.

    R P CAT

  • yep.

    just the same way that , if you shaved off a blond person’s hair then it would grow back blond ( assuming it wasn’t dyed)

    the pattern of a cat’s hair is decided by it’s genes, and is not directly connected the the hairs themselves.

  • Shaving an animal doesn’t change the color of its hair. All you’re doing is cutting the hair, the same as when you cut your own hair.

  • yep, when you shave them down, you will see the same patterns on their skin as their fur is…it will grow back that way.

    I have a long haired tabby who has to get a lion cut every summer, and its neat to see his skin the same color as his fur.

  • Yes it would. The hair follicless would be unaffected by just cutting the hair.

  • Yes. The cat should have the same color but might not ever be the same.

  • Yes.

  • i would say so but sometimes if you shave to much it doesn’t grow back.

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