If you speak spanish…what does ‘bombocito’ mean?

A Mexican chic called me that, and told me to find out what it means...so can someone help me out? What does bombocito mean in english?

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  • It means she likes you. Bombon is actually a marshmallow in Spanish, but the word is used by gals to make reference on a guy as looking cute.

  • Bombon In Spanish

  • A Bombon is not a marshmallow, it's a stuffed chocolate.

    She called you bomboncito as a compliment, meaning you are cute and sweet, the "cito" is a diminutive it's like saying sweetie or cutie

  • It is refering to you (a male) as a little sweet thing or piece of candy. The "bombon" - sweet thing or slang for candy

    The "cito" - is placing the masculine meaning to it

    You might have a crush on your hands!

  • Bomboncito/bombon= cutie, sweety, honey

  • I taking spanish, but not too good but it's slang for "little piece of sweet candy"

  • something like sweet candy. It means that your are real pretty and cute.

  • you can go to www.wordreference.com but first u need to know how to spell it cause you might have wrong spelling, But i think it means cutie

  • marshmellow, its kinda like hey cutie

  • wtf?

    if you mean baboso then that means stupid.

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