If you were a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

I know i would, id be so delicious. Id cover myself with relish and brown mustard. and polish it off with a tall cool budweiser! Heck id ask for seconds!

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  • What if the moon was made out of Barbeque spare ribs? Would you eat it then? I know I would.

    Source(s): Harry Carey
  • Will Ferrell doing Harry Caray on SNL.

    One of my all-time faves!

    (We should clone a hot dog. They would be so abundant they would become our currency. 100 Hotdogs would equal roughly a nickle!)

  • Hmmm…don’t think I could eat myself. I guess I would just starve. But I do love a good dog! covered with chili, chees and jalepenos!

  • Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meier Weenie!!!


    Most Interesting post of the day!!!!

  • woouldnt that be cannablism in hotdog form?

    but yes i would covermyself in sourkrauft And mustardm and wash it down with a budlight! YUM!

  • yes but only if i were a beef hot dog, with yellow mustard and ketchup. n i cant forget the 40oz. heinys!!!!!

  • If I were a donut I would. I saw Homer do it on The Simpson’s and it was so cool.

  • I’d eat my hot dog friends first..hopefully that would satisfy my hunger

  • Then you won’t be able to eat the middle portion of your body. Will you?

  • If you weren’t an idiot, and you had even half a brain, would you stop asking such idiotic questions?

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