I’m 14 and worried about my weight?

I am a 14 year old girl, 5’1 and weight 88 pounds. I look pretty thin and have been teased for it sometimes. When going to get a physical the doctor said my weight was fine. I think I’m pretty healthy overall, I’ve had my period for 2 years no with little problems and I try to eat healthy but I stoeat junk food and carbs. Is it normal or should I be worried?

3 Answers

  • One thing to consider is that a teenager’s weight tends to be lower than that of most adults of the same height. 88 pounds is low by any standard but if you’re not depriving yourself of food it’s probably just how your body works. At this point you are probably used to eating the amount that you currently are, but another thing to note is that nearly all thin people who can’t gain weight aren’t eating as much as they think they are. If you eat more you will gain weight if there is no underlying condition.

  • Considering your age and height, your weight seems fine to me. I actually weighed the same until I was around 16 years old. As long as your healthy though, it shouldn’t matter.

  • you should be exercising regularly throughout your life. 20 minutes cardio daily. Then eat anything you want

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