im 21, shes 18 and in high school. what should i do?

So im 21 and i work at grocery store where i met this amazing girl. only thing is, she is 18 and is just starting her senior year in high school. We talk all the time and i know she knows that im into her and she makes it pretty obvious shes into me. So should i go for it or is it morally wrong for someone who graduated in 2007 to date someone who is in there senior year in high school?

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  • if you really like her than go for it !! what could go wrong? if you dont go for it than you'll never know and maybe even regret it in the future.. i mean shes 18 so its legal..and its only a 3 year difference. and its always normal for a guy to be older than the girl ! just wait it out... she could be mature for her age and you may actually be on the same level!

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  • the biggest issue you're facing is not age but life stage. would you see yourself going to homecoming with this girl? what about your different friends? yours, i'm guessing are 20+ and hers are still <18. these different worlds you are living in will really put a damper on the relationship. it's the reason that most long distant relationships don't make it. so the question is: are you willing to stand the embarrassment of renting a tux for prom?

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  • It's fine because she is 18 so it is legal. But I mean the fact that she is in high school makes it a little weird, but you can date her if you want to.

  • I think its fine, school has nothing to do with age. You're 21, she's 18, that's a perfect age gap.

  • Its all good there is nothing wrong with that i have a friend that was 24 when he met his girlfriend and she was 17 at the time

  • Go for it. Its only a 3 year difference. If you both like each other, why are you even asking this question?

  • As far as I know, I don't think it would be considered ᴘᴇᴅoᴘнιʟιѧѧ if that's what you're asking.

  • Honestly, I don't think so. It's not that huge of a gap, so you can probably go for it.

  • She's 18, so it's okay. If she was any younger, it would be illegal.

  • um... 18 is an adult, dude, where have u been?

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