I’m a boy..How do I make my bulge less noticeable?

Hi there, I'm a 14 years old boy, and I have noticed that my ...bulge stands out when I wear like my PJs...or when I use my swimming suit, I think it's too big and I don't like it.. Is there any way I could make it smaller?

I don't want to show off or something, It's just that it wasn't that big before and It embarrass me so bad

I wish that I could like hide it... my swimming suit makes it sooo noticeable and it's REALLY REALLY hard for me to swim because of that.... It wasn't that big before and thinking about others noticing it embarrasses me

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  • it's better that your bulge is noticeable... girl will appreciate that


  • umm i dont think anyones going to answer your question because at 14 i think you know your being silly by asking if you can "make it smaller" but if you are genuinly honest about this try boxer briefs or just dont worry about it your in your pjs to sleep not impress........and buy a dark or floral swim suit youll be fine.

  • don't be embarrassed approximately your being pregnant, on the different hand placed on a ideal this is unfastened and denims taht do no longer teach endure midrriff (sic?) no longer too tight clothing and skirts with comparable tops and sweaters. you would be lower back in shape chasing afetr that tyke and a few ordinary exercises. Congats

  • Do you wear boxers? Maybe you should try wearing briefs that fit you well (not loose) and this will make it less noticable. You should be proud, not ashamed and wanting to make it smaller. Oh, and try wearing black or very dark pants or shorts...dark colors hide a lot!

  • I know how you feel-In theory you should just be proud yet still don't want to show off-Am I right? To make it less obvious, wear baggier clothes or even wear underwear underneath then you can support your genitals.

  • You can wear a small bikini of rayon or lykra fabric to kind of girdle it closer to your crotch! There are probably a ton og guys who would love to have ur prob!*********

  • wear tighter underwear under your swin suit

  • What you mean by "bulge"??

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