i’m always mardy?

i’m 13 and i’m always in a bad mood. it’s having a large impact on my social life and no one wants to approach me because i look like i want to punch someone. i can’t help it. it’s really stressing me out and i often find myself crying over it. i’ve started to self-pity alot now since my friends don’t seem to care about how i’m feeling. what’s wrong with me??

3 Answers

  • Is there a school counselor you feel sorta comfortable talking to about this? Someone needs to help you with this. If not at school, maybe church, or a coach, just a older adult you could trust. Don’t let this go on. You have a wonderful life ahead of you!

  • being a teenager IS the hardest stage of your life.

  • the first step is asking yourself why your in a bad mood all the time. once youve figured out what you dont like about your life take steps to change it. if its something that cant be changed then you just have to live with it. the most important lesson in life is if your not the predator then your the prey. if you dont take an active role in living your life then you will get no where. at some point you have to stop going with the flow and do something, anything is better then doing nothing.

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