i’m failing geometry!!! help!!!!!!!!!!?

there are only 3 weeks left of the school year and i'm failing geometry. Algebra was very easy for me and now to fail a class is horrifying! I always get A's and B's in all of my other classes but this is an F!

The tests that my teacher gives me are soo hard and they are worth 70% of the final grade. But they are really really hard to study for because you aren't allowed to use a calculator on most of the test, and then they just have random problems that we learned in the beginning of the year, or they throw in random algebra stuff! they tests never go over what we just learned, it's just a bunch of random problems, which are all very hard. the teacher is also a very hard grader, and gives no mercy at all. so therefore these tests are REALLY REALLY hard to study for. the teacher knows that like everyone is failing her class but she honestly does not care or does not want to do anything to help. I can't ask her for help because she'll be like what do you want help with and i can't say "EVERYTHING!". HELP!

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  • OK, first, calm down. If you continue to freak out, I don't think any of the advice I'm going to give you is really going to help.

    In this kind of situation, you must ask yoursef, "Did I study or do all of my homework this year?". Basically, you have to identify WHY you're having trouble in geometry.

    You said that you were excellent in algebra, so why not use those concepts in geometry? All geometry is sometimes is just algebra with shapes, so don't think of it ask geometry, thik of it as algebra.

    It's OK to ask your teacher for help, too, you know. She'll be a little upset that you hadn't asked her sooner and stuff, but she'll be open to helping you if you're really stuck. But, here's one thing, I'm positive that you don't know anything at all in geometry. So you need to find out what is the hardest thing for you to do, or the most confusing and simply ask her abnout that. And then when you're done with taht, ask ehr aboutt he enxt ahrdest thing, and so forth.

    Now, after that, all you can do is study in a quiet place with no distractions. For help on studying, try this book: 101 Ways to Make Studying Easier and Faster for High School Students, by Janet Engle. It's VERY useful, and even gives tips on math assignments.

  • you haven't any longer any selection yet to benefit rather stressful so which you will optimistically bypass with a C (in my college district, D's count style as passing, regrettably). in case you may not pull it off, then re-take it in summer season college or next 365 days. What ingredient of Geometry do you want help with?

  • First: calm down. You have worked yourself into a panic and snit. It's not helping.

    Second: you have to accept the conditions in the class; the teacher sets the agenda and the rules. You may not like them, but you have to do as best as you can with them. It may be too late to pass this year, but you should try as best you can in the remaining days. Concentrate on which you do know and get as far as you can with that.


  • i had the same problem in geometry im sure the teacher cant be that bad just at least try to ask them for help i asked my teacher for help and to my surprise he actually helped me and i salvaged a C in the class.

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