im getting a black bear hamster?

Could you tell me a little bit about them, and their temperment, what they like, and can I use wire cage for them? [ for some hamsters it can break their legs]

and also any one that has one please tell me what they are like.

google it, and don’t just say things for the points, if its not useful its STUPID

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  • black bear hamsters are a type of syrain hamster, i personally think they are mor even tempered then say the long hair ones. Yes, you can use a wire cage for them, its actually recommened because they are get smelly pretty fast, and to keep that stuck in an aquriuam is very bad for a hamster, plastic cages like SAM, crittertrail, and habbittrail are fun for your hamster, but they can sometimes be dangerous. They are made of cheap plastic, so some are very breakable, plus some have levels, and if you hamster falls off, it could potentially hurt itself. I like SAM cages the best, they are as breakable, however the tubes are usually a wee bit small for a hamster, you can also add attachments to these cages for added fun!

    i had a black bear, and he was the sweetest hamster, at first he was the most active of hamsters, but after a year, he became the least active of my hamsters, towards the 2nd year of their life, they are generally sleeping or eating, unless u wake them up. Their hair sometimes gets long, if u get a fancy black bear anyway, oh, and don’t worry if their hair gets gray, its just them turning old, overall he didn’t bite anymore then my other hamsters, and he actually smelled a little bit better then my other syrain hamsters

    hamsters love food! they aren’t very picky, but some foods to stay away from include:

    1) too much fruit, it can be given, but only once a week, because it can cause diabetes

    2)citrus fruits





    7)chocolate and

    8)any human junk food


    if you want to give them some good treats, in moderation of course, heres some ways to spoil your hammy:

    1) Lettuce (not cabage!)

    2) Oats

    3) Dry Catfood

    4) Bread ‘n milk (for mothers-to-be)

    5) Broccoli

    6) Apple

    7) Peanut Butter (usually prefer creamy, but depends on hamster)

    8) Shredded Cheese

    9) Tomatoes

    10) Carrots

    11) Corn

    12) Dog Biscuits

    13) Yogurt (avoid yogurt with sugar)

    14) Berries (make sure they’re well-washed)

    15) Pumpkin (without the seeds)

  • Black Bear Hamster

  • Black Hamster

  • Black Bear hamsters are great! They are mutations of syrian hamsters. (First discovered in 1985) When they were first introduced, they were believed to be more friendly than syrian hamsters, and that is still true today if they are handled kindly. They are black and white and usually around 5-7 inches. Many guides say these hamsters are not good for beginning rodent caretakers, but I believe that isn’t true. They’re amazing hamsters, just ask anyone whose had one. Good luck!

  • I have a black bear hamster and she is very friendly. I have a glass tank and a wire tank connected with tunnels. She likes to run on a wheel with no holes in them. make sure every hole in a screen tank is covered or they can easily get out. They also like to run in a hamster ball (just don”t let little kids throw it). Her favorite thing for a treat is sunflower seeds. hope this helps

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  • I love black bear hamsters! They are known to be the most friendly hamsters, and I’ve never heard of them biting the owner. A wire cage meaning the sides are wire or the bottom? If it’s bottom, then no, don’t use it for they can get their feet stuck and possibly break them. Critter Trails or Habit Trails work the best for hamster cages.

    I don’t own one, but I work at a pet store and we sell them. They are by far the cutest, and nicest hamsters we sell. They will come to my hand when I go to feed them, and won’t just go to my hand to attack it. They love the attention!

    Hope that helps!

  • Metal cages with wire bottoms are not suitable for hamsters as their tiny feet may get caught in the wire. use a deep plastic base at the bottom

  • i have one named pepper. She loves to run in her exercise ball. An hour a night isn’t enough for her. I prefer the Crittertrail cages or Habitrail. They have many styles at Petsmart to choose from. Or petco. I bought my hamsters at Petsmart. I have 1 black bear, 1 short hair, 1 long hair. And they all have their own cages, as they are solitary animals. Mine has a very nice temperment. They love to play all night of course, so you may need to move the cage to another room at night.

  • well my brother had that kind of hamster and he didn’t like when u woke him up. so watch out because he might bite u if u do that. well the wire cage i am not sure. we have a cage that has wire around the outside but u put shavings on the bottom of the cage. They love to run around in plastic balls and they like a wheel. My hamster will bring all the shaving and food into him wheel and then try to run and after a while he gives up and sleeps up there. My hamster has a wheel built right into it and brings the food up and runs and makes a really loud noise then i have to plug his wheel. They like to eat lettuce, and like little goldfish, crackers they will eat anything that i give then even watermelon well i hope this helps you out!

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