Im getting braces tomorrow what should i expect?

Like what will be the pain level from 1-10?

What is the process of putting braces on?

Do you always get to choose colors?

I want bright colors what colors should i get?

What should i get to eat?

What is the worst part of braces?

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  • hey (:

    i just got braces this afternoon, and well right now it’s hurting like a &^%^%^^#. It didn’t hurt that much when i just got it on but i came back home and took a nap, and after i woke up it hurtsssss so bad!

    probably a 3 to be honest. It’s painful but still tolerable, i didn’t take any painkillers yet so i guess if you feel uncomfortable you should take some aspirin.

    the process.. my orthodontist cleaned my teeth, then opened my mouth with this plastic thing and started spreading glue on my teeth. the glue tastes disgusting (sour) and is pretty uncomfortable. a suction pump will also be put in your mouth to suck out any saliva (it needs to be completely dry) then my ortho washed away the glue and spreaded this paste on my teeth then put the brackets on.

    the last part would be putting the archwire on, and that part just hurts a tiny bit as she’s tightening your teeth. but it’s nothing to be worried about.

    yes, you always get to choose colors. (for my place, that is) there’s tonnes of colors to be chosen..

    there’s hot pink, baby pink, purple, neon orange, neon green, navy blue, white (don’t choose white! it’ll turn yellow over time), gold, silver, light blue..

    you should get hot pink! or neon green. they look awesome.

    you get to eat porridge, yogurt, ice-cream,smoothies, oatmeal.. basically just any soft stuff that doesn’t require chewing.

    worst part of braces.. for me, it would be making my lips thicker than they normally are.

    it kind of just changes my whole face. kind of. i’m 17 years old now and with braces on, i pretty much look like a 8 year old..-.-


  • Pain level should be around 6/10, but it really depends on how sensitive your teeth are, and how much they are moving. When I got mine, the pain wasn’t THAT bad, I could barely even feel it. It was just a little bit sore. My pain level was like.. 1/10.

    Process of putting braces on:

    1. Cleaning your teeth

    2. Putting the thing around your lips to make your teeth dry.

    3. Apply glue/harden/stick brackets on.

    4. Apply wire/tighten.

    5. Listen to the orthodontist talk about what you should/shouldn’t eat and how to brush properly.

    For the colors, i think it depends on your orthodontist. Most orthodontists let you choose every time, but I know some people who always had to get the same silver color because their ortho’s never let them choose.

    Just get any color that you prefer like your favorite color. But if you get a color like white, and eat something like curry, then the white will change colors to the color of curry until your next appointment ._. And if you get dark colors, your teeth will look whiter.

    For the first 1-2 weeks, eat soft foods that don’t require alot of chewing, if any. Recommended are yogurt, soup, pastas. After a couple of weeks, or if you teeth start hurting, you can eat anything, but avoid any food that is HARD, STICKY, OR CHEWY. Those can really break your brackets/wires..

    To me, the worst part of braces was the brushing and flossing. It’s so hard to floss with those threader stuff… But once you get used to it, it’ll get easier. for the first few weeks/months, my teeth were so stuck together, that the floss wouldn’t even go through, but then after like 1 month, they spread out a bit.

  • I have braces on my lower teeth for quite some time now and got them on the upper ones this morning.

    Unless you are getting a tooth extracted there will be no pain in the procedure but afterwards it might hurt as your teeth will be under some stress.

    The process is your teeth are cleaned and sometimes space has to be made for the molar bands. They are fixed using some cement so no pain or anything in that.

    Yea you do get to choose colors ….

    I got gray but girls usually go for pink or blue and stuff …. just remember when they add the rubbers the color gets lighter as it fades over time and as its stretched.

    Soft stuff until you get used to them like ice creams and mashed potatoes.

    The worst part would be the first day or two but then you get used to them and its no problem at all.

  • Ok, when i got mine, the appointement was at like 10 am

    And the whole of the first day was alright

    But It feels super wierd though! It like your mouth is super big and you just wanna rip them off

    The typical achy brace pain happens the morning after , i didnt mind that pain so much cos i just kept saying to myself “My teeth are becoming perfect!” haha but ibuprofen helped too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Pain level peaks the second/third day at like 8 but keep taking Advil and youll be fine

    Also, buy the wax! My mum didnt have any money on her so i didnt get it and my mouth was in bits. Like scratched raw! That was the worst tbh

    My orthodontist is quite harsh so i couldnt choose mine but normally you can !

    First week stick to soup, mash potatoes, baked beans, ice cream, ice lollys (soo soothing), kraft mac n cheese, basically soft foods

    Also while i was getting used to them, i always cut my food into small pieces haha

    So yeah, braces really arnt that bad as everyone says and within two weeks your used to them and forget about them

  • Dear, don’t you think you are too much occupied, stay cool and calm, with little pain & discomfort you are going to get the perfect smile, that you always wanted. So go ahead enjoy yourself with the treatment & yes you can choose the colors that you want to flash smile. Rest all the things will be fine, wish you all the very best of smile.

  • 8

    clean teeth then glue on brackets then put wire on then put bands then use a light and harden it


    i got pink and black

    anything but ice carmel bitting into apples nut popcorn hard candy crunchy foods lke chips and gum

    getting them on and tightned

    i just got mine yesterday and they hurt they dentist will go over everything for ur braces and theyll ask if u have questions good luck take care of ur teeth to

  • expect it to not hurt at the dentisits, but when you leave to go home. i go rubber bands, and i got my braces tightened, plus a new bracket today, ad…well take some over the counter pain medication. trust me on that one. also, its sooooooo much fun, if you do, to pick colors!!! they r normally free!!!! but othidontists sre really nice, and usually very gentle ๐Ÿ˜€




    really, i had icecream for dinner when i got braces!!!! avoid foods like:




    hot things



    AND CHIPS!!!!

    but thats when u first get them…

    things u should eat tomorrow:




    i reeeeeeally hope this helps. i also hope you r brave tomorrow. btw, the pain lasts like 2-4 days! GOOOOOOOOOOOOD LIUCK ๐Ÿ˜€

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