I’m scared to look out a window at night.. Is there a phobia for it? What should I do?

For a while now, I’ve had a problem with looking out windows at night. I’m ALWAYS afraid someone is going to be standing there, staring at me. Or I’m afraid a really scary face, like from a horror movie or something, will pop up. I don’t even watch horror movies! This is going to sound stupid, but my friend was talking about a horror movie, The Woman in Black, and how there was a part where the guy walked into a room or something, and there was a kid in a window making a really freaky face.. Well anyways, she immitated the face, and now I keep imagining that or something else popping out at me. It’s getting to the point where I can’t even go up to a window to shut the blinds. Plus there’s a window in my kitchen, and I have to go down there almost every night to get water, I have to put my hand next to my eye so I don’t look outside.

I was reading something where people could comment on their fear, and I saw that other people had the same problem as me. I should be relieved about it, but really it’s just freaking me out.. I’m not really sure what do to. I’m only 14, so what if it gets worse? What should I do? And is there an actual phobia for this, since other people have the same fear?

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  • I wouldn’t worry, it’s not uncommon. Does your window face the front yard or the back, try having a light on outside if you can. If you can’t stand it just invest in some curtains. It’s kinda normal I think, but I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ll grow out of it, for a while I didn’t like walking through the house at night, mostly I was afraid of tripping but a lot of people just don’t like the dark. Your eyes can really play tricks on you at night but I wouldn’t get worried over it. In time the “phobia” should fade. I remember being afraid of things when I was younger and now I look back and can’t believe I was actually afraid or bothered by some things. I’m 25 now if that helps. From my experience in time the feelings should subside.

  • Well. there is nothing of that sort. Do not worry. And even if you are scared to shut the blinds, there is an option of motorized roller blinds. These are automated with a remote control..:) Hope that helps!

  • You should look outside because teres nothing there!! Unless you live in the city.. Have weapons placed around the house in case of burglars or carry a pocket nife

  • I was liked that for a while, I would wake up at night feeling like someone looking through my window then i would open the door. For a while I was like that, It helps to pray around ur room in house, when its like that it caused of certain ppl we connect ourselves too..

  • I’m scared to ,I watch horror movies,but you should try be calm nothing is there

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