Images of mucus threads in urine

1. Observe the urine sediment images in Figure 27-9 in order to detect the presence of leukocytes, epithelial cells, mucus threads, bacteria, casts, and various crystals.

2. Table27-1shows abnormal components of urine, disorders, and their possible causes.

3. Identify the abnormal components in each of the urine sediment images A,B,C,D and name the disorder associated with the presence of the components, and the possible causes of the presence of the components in the urine samples Professional Association Finder D Chris Brown Heat Audio Is occupa
Activity 27.4: Microscopic Examination of Urine 0 0 0 0 Figure 27-9. Urine Sediment


Microscopic examination of Urine

A. Abnormal components in urin sample -Epithelial cells .

Name of disorder - Yeast/Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Possible causes - Inflammation,infection or malignancy of urethra or bladder.

B.Abnormal components in urin sample- Mucus thread

Name of disorder- UTI

Possible causes- Infection in bladder or urinary tract.

C.Abnormal components in urin sample-Bacteria

Name of disorder-Infection

Possible causes-Urinary tract infection

D.Abnormal components in urin sample-Leukocytes

Name of disorder-Leukocytosis

Possible causes-Infection,non-clean catch



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