Importance of Math in Our Daily Life

Math isn’t just boring tasks in school. Some scientists consider mathematics to be the most important science and one of the first to appear in the world.

Our whole life is about calculations and calculations, people just rarely think about it. Mathematics is studied at school, institute, it helps IT specialists write codes for programs and even fly into space. It is called an interdisciplinary science because it is closely related to physics, geography, geology, chemistry. If we go beyond the school curriculum, it is worth noting that mathematics is “friendly” with economics: scientists have even introduced an unspoken term – “mathenomics”, which means science at the junction of mathematics and economics.

The world has changed and become more technologically advanced, so many options for professional development are open for lovers of mathematics. It can even become a non-standard way to get to know each other: ask the person about his attitude to mathematics, where he uses it, and whether he remembers how to extract the square root of a number.

Where is Math Needed?

Without knowledge of mathematics, all modern life would be impossible. We wouldn’t have good houses because builders have to be able to measure, count, and construct. There would be no railways, no ships, no planes, no big industry. There would be no radio, television, cinema, telephone, and thousands of other things that make up a part of our civilization. Mathematics allows us to see the world without the so-called rose-colored glasses. The curriculum is structured in such a way that it seems that mathematics is just calculations. But no. Calculations are always present in solving real problems, but mathematics is rather what formulates and composes these expressions for calculation.

To master this science, you need not memorize formulas, but understand it from the inside. Mathematics is also important for programmers: they have to invent and develop algorithms that use integral and differential calculus, find extrema, build regressions, enter metrics to determine proximity in a multidimensional space. It’s good if you know how to write a solution to the problem. But it’s just as important to understand how you can prove that your code is working correctly. Most programs solve some kind of math problem, and you need to be able to prove that your problem was solved correctly. Then the methods of another branch of mathematics come to the rescue – logic.

Mathematics Not For Mathematicians

The stereotype is firmly rooted in society that mathematics is needed only for teachers and a programmer. And scientists-mathematicians are completely insane obsessed geniuses who choose science as the main idea of ​​life. This image has been widely replicated by popular culture and is accepted by many as the truth, but this is not so.

Mathematics Not For Mathematicians
Mathematics Not For Mathematicians

It is necessary to put the question bluntly: why study mathematics for those who have chosen a profession in which there will be no place for calculations? Why do maths for artists and musicians? Why torture a future language teacher with mathematics? Studying mathematics, we master the tools for studying many other sciences that study the material (and not only the material) world. First of all, this is physics, which, one might say, has been completely mathematized. This fully applies to those sciences that were previously perceived as branches of physics, but later developed so independently that they became separate scientific disciplines.

Mathematics is a universal international language spoken by almost all people on earth. This knowledge will be useful in any country and can become the subject of an interesting conversation.

Personal Development

Mathematics makes it possible to form certain intellectual properties: inference, deductive, generalization, critical, the ability to make a forecast, think ahead. This science improves the ability of theoretical thinking, the ability to concentrate, exercises memory, and also increases the speed of thinking. The ability to analyze situations. Ability to consider difficult situations from a different angle – non-standard. The ability to find patterns and connections between certain things and events.

Knowledge alone is not enough to solve mathematical problems correctly. We need such qualities of character as attentiveness, perseverance, consistency, accuracy and accuracy. Mathematics is especially good at developing children’s minds and plays an important role in development, namely:

  • Mental: perception, attention, memory, sensing, thinking, speech, cognitive interest, mathematical knowledge, skills, discipline, organization, responsibility, accuracy
  • Physical: the muscles of the hands, back, eyes develop
  • Aesthetic: the aesthetics of manuals, drawings, models, the beauty of graphs and the ordering of formulas. Anyone who has experienced the joy of encountering a beautiful unexpected idea, result, or solution of a mathematical problem will agree that mathematics can influence the emotional sphere of a person.

Human Health & Mathematics

With the help of statistics, doctors can calculate the rate for any person who turns to them and understand whether a person is healthy or there are disorders in his body. All medical discoveries are based on numerical ratios. Numerical ratios, for example, take into account the dose and frequency of medication. Various areas of mathematics are applied in biology and medicine, ecology, and medical diagnostics. In recent years, the active introduction of mathematical modeling methods into medicine and the creation of automated, including computer systems, has significantly expanded the possibilities of diagnosing and treating diseases.

Thus, we see that mathematics occupies one of the most important places in human life. It played an important role in the development of all mankind – it provided opportunities that we did not have before and, oddly enough, remained in everyone’s daily life. Mathematics is a very interesting and exciting science that is present in all sectors of the economy – industry, architecture, medicine, technology, and everyday life.

This science needs to be taught and understood because if you are friends with mathematics, you can solve a problem of any complexity with the help of it, whether it be an algebraic equation for calculating how much porridge you need to cook in order for everyone to have enough.

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