In a formal outline what should roman numerals represent?

In a formal outline what should roman numerals represent?


Roman numerals = main Ideas

Main Ideas.


Outlining in an essay displays the map of an essay. It reflects the central idea of each paragraph and arranges information in order to convey an effective message to the readers. It is crucial to organize an idea, visualize the structure of the thesis and develop the main points in a logical order.  

The formal outline employs the Roman numeral to represent the main ideas. This type of outline usually begins with a roman numeral that differentiates it from an informal outline. Thus, the last option best exemplifies the appropriate function of roman numerals, i.e. to display the main points that develop the thesis statement.

The Answer is Main Ideas

The correct option is D.

In essay writing, an outline refers to a framework, on which one builds one's writing. Writing an outline usually involves writing out the main ideas and the sub ideas that one wants to present in a piece of writing. To do this, roman numeral is often used to indicate the main ideas in an outline. Generally, in formal outline, roman numeral is used to depicts the main ideas, capital letters are used to indicate the major details while Arabic numbers are used to depict the minor details. The major details are those details that support the main ideas while the minor details are those details that support the major details.

It should represent Main Ideas. In a roman numerical outline main topics are in roman numerical ,minor topics proceeds with capital letters.
The correct answer is D, Main ideas. In a Roman numeral outline, main topics are in Roman numeral, minor topics preceeds capital letter.

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