In all of human history – has there ever been a more potent force for pure evil than ATHEISM or is Islam a bigger threat to peace on earth?

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  • Yes. The most potent force for pure evil is the tendency to divide people into groups, identified as “Us” and “Them,” and regard all who are not part of Us as enemies.

    Some Muslims, and some atheists, have indeed succumbed to this tendency. But so have many Christians, and many believers in other religions.

    And NONE of these groups is entirely composed of such people. I know of atheists who have done a great deal of good. And Muslims, too.

    I beg you to believe in the most ridiculous superstition of all: that humanity is at the center of the universe, the fulfiller or the frustrator of the grandest dreams of God Almighty.

    If you can believe that, and make others believe it, then there might be hope for us. Human beings might stop treating each other like garbage, might begin to treasure and protect each other instead. Then it might be all right to have babies again.

    — Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, addressing the graduating class of Bennington College in 1970 [later published as “Up Is Better Than Down,” and collected in “Wampeters Foma & Granfalloons”]

  • ABSOLUTELY, the atheists thinking and using intelligence is the most evil thing possible.

  • Yes; anonymous trolls are far more evil. Think I’m wrong? Then stop posting anonymously and prove it.

  • Islam is probably the worse threat to humans.

  • Religion is the largest threat of all and always has been.

  • The biggest force of evil is our sin nature. Pointing at groups of people and blaming them for evil is like pointing at trees without seeing the forest.

  • Yes. It’s called Christianity. Christianity has been wreaking havoc and perpetrating outrageously violent acts of incomparable evil around the globe for more than 2 thousand years. Rolls eyes

  • Exactly HOW is Atheism evil?

  • Atheism a force…LOL

    Atheism is a farce

    The biggest threat to peace on earth is people

    God or godlessness has nothing to do with it

    (although the atheists have a much bigger kill count)

  • It’s obvious you’ve not read much about historical Christianity.

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