in american dad they said amy carter buried something in the white house lawn but it was bleeped what did they?

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  • I'm not sure why they bleeped what they said. Stan explains that the true inventor of peanut butter was Mary Todd Lincoln, President Lincoln's wife, as a means of keeping away evil spirits.

    Stan further explained that there was a legendary "Jar of Proof" buried at the White House that had evidence proving that Geo. Washington Carver had not invented it.

    They don't actually have the Jar of Proof, so Steve decides that there is one place where a person can put out crazy information with no evidence that millions will accept as true, and writes an article called "The Truth About Peanut Butter" on Wikipedia.


  • that peanut butter myth was another episode. im imagining roger says lsd or some other hard drug.but rewinding it frame by frame it looks as though he says lsd. i might be wrong but i was as curious as you. who knows it might be cocaine or even fetus

  • Dildos

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