In bridesmaids what does Annie say in Spanish in her speech?

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  • Really quick! Speaking of Consuelo, Lillian and I took Spanish together in school. And so, I would just like to say to you and to everyone here, "Gracias para vivar en la casa, en la escuelas, en... en la azul... "markada". Tienes con "bibir" en las Fortuashla?" and gracias!

    Thank you for living in the house, in the schools, in.... in the blue.... "markada". I have with "bibir" in the Fortuashla? and thanks!

    It was supposed to show her trying to top Helen's acts with her very little knowledge of Spanish. A few words were made up on the spot by her.

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  • "Thank you for to live in the house, in the schools, in the blue [market]. You have with [to drink] in the fochtwatsa." I m not sure if she was just making up a comedic, fake word, if it was a butchered Spanish word, or a different language at the end there.

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