In Final Fantasy X, where is the bar tender in Luca?

Ive gone every where around the stadium and cant find it. i need to find for Wakka's final weapon, I have all the reels and the celestial mirror, I just need to find this bar tender lol. dont give me a website please cause i wont be able to access it.

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  • When you go to Luca by airship, go directly south of where you first appear.

    This will bring you to a screen that allows you to go from left to right. Go right as far as you can and this will bring you to an area of Luca called the market place.

    The bar you are looking for is just to the north of where you enter the area around the fountain in the middle.

    The bar tender is at the bar....LOL

  • Bar Luca

  • I think FFX has random battles but they aren't random in FFXII, all the monsters are on-screen in FFXII and you can run towards them and attack or avoid them. There are some linear bits but as with most Final Fantasies once you've been somewhere you can usually return to it as well as exploring new areas and places you don't have to go to as part of the storyline. I think you can turn the camera in XII but I'm not too sure about X. Final Fantasies are never really linear. To complete the story in FFXII it takes about 35 hours, to complete all the side missions as well it's well over 100 hours. None of the Final Fantasies share storylines so it doesn't matter which one you pick but maybe go for X first. FFXII has a lot of audio dialogue and it may feel weird playing FFX afterwards because it has a lot less. Hope I helped.

  • Cafe Luca

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