In foreign policy, what is a preventive war?

In foreign policy, what is a preventive war?

A. The policy of preventing war through a strong system of international alliances

B. An attack made on another nation because it might attack you in the future

C. The use of force to prevent an attack in a situation where immediate action is the only possible option

D. The technique of undermining another nation’s actions by declaring your own policy before they have a chance, as President Monroe did with the Monroe Doctrine

4 Answers

  • B

    Israel followed this policy to great effect when it learned that Syria, Egypt, Jordan were going to attack. Comically, I think Syria was holding a military parade, and boasted about an imminent attack on israel. The Israelis heard and attacked first.

    They decimated the opposition.

  • Keep the military big and contain the spread of Communism. This was called Containment – preventing the spread of Communism to places where it wasn’t already the form of government. Containment could take different forms: military action (example:Vietnam War) Economic aid to allies (example:The Marshall Plan) Diplomacy (example: Formation of NATO).

  • In the case of American foriegn policy–pre-emptive means economic advantage for corporations. A preventive war kept Iraq from legally selling their oil to competitors.

  • International potluck and singing and dancing and goodwill towards all. Ooops, I just had a John Lennon moment.

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