in kingdom hearts 2, how do i get 1300 points on the cerberus paradox cup?

6 Answers

  • u cant use limits with cerberus paradox. u must solo. just valor. as it does the most amount of hits in one charge. do not use the finishing move too soon.

  • you may effectively win the discomfort and Panic Paradox Cup with the specific standards it asks for. After prevailing the cup, you will get the discomfort and Panic Cup trophy and could additionally liberate the subsequent Paradox Cup, the Cerberus Paradox Cup. purely save prevailing the cups with the objectives it asks for, like the discomfort and Panic Paradox Cup asks which you win the cup with a score of two,500 or greater. The very final Paradox Cup to compete in is the Hades Paradox Cup. additionally, the optimal point for each celebration member, consisting of Sora, is point ninety 9, in assessment to the 1st Kingdom Hearts which the optimal point is a hundred.

  • i havent done the paradox cup but i think using the fantasia limit move with donald.

  • i know.

    summon stich.

    and keep useing the guitar when you pick ohana!

  • no one knows it but me

  • combos combos combos!

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