In Morrowind, how do I find out who the Telvanni spy is in the Mages Guild?

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  • wow, this brings back memories… *opens strategy guide*…

    found it, check this site for details on the specific quest:…

    btw, here’s the quest from my book (The Morrowind Prophecies):

    “Spy Catch”

    Your final quest for Ranis Athrys is a complex and challenging one. You have to root out a Telvanni spy within the Mages Guild.

    You’re to question guild members in Balmora, Ald’ruhn, Sadrith Mora, and Vivec. When you find the spy, you’re not to take any independent action, but report back to Athrys.

    Along the way, you’ll hear a lot of different things. That there are no spies. That a member of Guild’s Ald’ruhn branch belongs to the Dark Brotherhood. (And you’re right to be suspicious of Movis Darys, but he’s not the one.) That the spy is in Sadrith Mora. And so on.

    Your search will eventually take you to Vivec and here you’ll begin to hear about a certain Teram Gadar – an advisor to Arch-Mage Trebonius Artorius who came highly recommended.

    It would be great if you could get a look at that recommendation, and you can – either by picking it up by Gadar when you interview him or receiving it directly from Trebonius. You’ll find it a transparent forgery. This is your suspect. Tell Athrys, and move on.

    But are you sure? Really, really sure? See, there’s an alternate approach: You can use this pretext as a way to rid the Guild of this loose cannon of a quest-giver. When you talk to Artorius, report Athrys as the spy. She’s out of the loop, and you’ll still get credit for the quest. Note that you only get this as an option if you let Itermerel and Tashpi Ashibael live.

    Source(s): lol, tell me when you kill Vivec himself and capture his soul in a grand soul gem – that’s the pinnacle of that game! my book:…
  • The spy in question is located in the Vivec Mage’s Guild. Use the guild guide in Balmora and head on over to Vivec. On the lower level of the Vivec Guild is a man named Tiram Gader. Ask him about the Telvanni Spy. He will be insulted and deny your accusation. Now talk to Arch-Mage Trebonius about the problem. He will ask about the identity of the spy. If you say that it is Ranis Athrys then Trebonius will thank you and when you return to Balmora, Ranis will be gone. This isn’t too bad because you have finished all of the Balmora missions anyway. If you say it is Tiram Gader, Trebonius will

    hand you Tiram Gader’s Credentials. Take these to Ranis as proof that the spy is in Vivec. Ranis will thank you and inform you that she has no more jobs for you.

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