In physics what does s=ut+1/2at stand for?

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  • this is actualy s = ut + 1/2 a (sq of t)

    Its an equation of motion. n of gr8 use in physics.

    Here, s stands for displacement of an object or body, u for its initial speed, t for time taken.

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    In physics what does s=ut+1/2at stand for?

  • The real equation is : S= ut +1/2 at^2

    This is one of the basic physical equations of motion, here


    u=initial velocity

    t= time


    This equation is very useful as it helps us to compute the distance traveled by an object without knowing the final velocity

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  • That formula can be used to find the distance (s) which an object travels with a given initial velocity (u) and acceleration (a) for a given time interval (t).

    Actually, I think you have the formula written incorrectly, it should by 1/2 at^2, not 1/2 at.

    I see it much more commonly written as,

    d = vt + 1/2 at^2

  • after 9 years this is the correct answer

    if they want you to calculate the time in which a falling object reaches the ground, with the distance and acceleration already given, use this formula t = Sqrt[2 (m/a)]

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  • ‘s’ atands for distance ‘u’ stands for initialvelocity, ‘t’ is the time, ‘a’ is the acceleration.

    this the equation used to find the distance this equation comes under in the topic kinematics

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