in pounds and ounces how much is 250 grams?

i want to make a fish chowder ,it calls for 250 grams of fish,I have no idea

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  • 250 grams of tuna fish (canned, drained) is 1.6 cups. I got this from This website has a volume/weight calculator. You didn’t say what kind of fish or if it was canned, but this should give you a close approximation.

    And, I’m also guessing you want this in cups, because it doesn’t sound like you have a scale. The other answers gave you an answer in ounces, which is a unit of weight. If you don’t have a scale, then those answers won’t do you any good.

    The type of ounces that cups have is “fluid ounces”. These are not the same. A fluid ounce is a unit of volume. Volume is the amount of space an ingredient occupies. An “ounce” is a unit of weight. Weight is the mass or “heaviness” of an ingredient.

    A cup of lead pellets and a cup of feathers both occupy 8 fluid ounces of volume. The lead will weigh a lot more than 8 ounces on a scale and the feathers will weigh a lot less than 8 ounces on a scale.

    500 grams of mini marshmallows = 10 cups

    500 grams of flour = 4 cups

    500 grams of sugar = 2.5 cups

    As you can see, the weights are the same for these ingredients, yet the volumes are different. This has to do with density differences of the ingredients. The above mentioned website calculates volume/weight conversions based on density.

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    in pounds and ounces how much is 250 grams?

    i want to make a fish chowder ,it calls for 250 grams of fish,I have no idea

  • This may be covered but it's more than I feel like reading right now… It depends on the area and availability mostly… And a little based on the quality… But drug users usually go for quantity over quality because a gram of coke that's 35$ Is better than a gram for 60$ but if they know for sure it's better they'll spend more… Anyway, where I am from a twenty of coke it .4 grams and if you get a gram it's 50 however some will do deals and it was 40 for a gram, 100 for an 8ball which is 3.5 grams( and eighth of an oz.) 175 to 200 for a quarter ounce) and beyond that the deals don't compound… 400 for a half 800 for an oz… Until you get to pounds and kilos where a pound is usually at 10g's (16 oz) instead of 12800$ and a kilo is usually 18000 instead of 20g's or25600$… Hope this helps

  • Only two countries in the whole world that doesn’t use metrics. The U.S. and Liberia.

    28 1/2 grams equal one ounce dry measure.

    So divide 250 grams by 28.5 to get ounces. = 8.77 ounces.

  • Tiny bit over a half-pound. 8.81 ounces.


    you can convert grams to ounces here:-)

  • About eight and four fifths ounces.

  • Thank you for your most complete answer

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