In the accompanying image. a nucleotide is indicated by the letter

In the accompanying image, a nucleotide is indicated by the letter
Part 1 _carbon carbon and the phosphate group is attached to the sugars in a nucleotide, the nitrogenous base is attached to


1. B

A represent complete molecule of DNA. One molecule of DNA is made up of two strands of polynucleotide. 1 molecule of nucleotide is made up of 1 phosphate group, one deoxyribose sugar and one nitrogenous base.

B represents one nucleotide.

C represents diameter of the double helical DNA.

D represents sugar phosphate backbone.

2. 1', 5'

Nitrogenous base is attached to sugar at first carbon by glycosidic Bond Where are phosphate is attached to sugar at fifth carbon by phosphate Ester Bond.

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