In the art of discrediting someone were the Republicans damn good teachers??

After the first four investigations into Benghazi, only a complete idiots thought they were seeking the truth, after 8 or 9 and an eleven hour grilling, even a retard with the mental capacity of a three year old could see that it was nothing but a smear campaign because she was running for president!!!

Thanks for showing us the way GOP….. Lol!!!

4 Answers

  • In some ways, yes. But in some important ways, we can’t draw an accurate comparison. Trump was only able to paint Hillary as a liar, relative to him, because the Republican base is dumber than the Democratic base. Democrats could NEVER nominate someone with no integrity, because the smarter Democratic base would say no.

  • LOL That’s decidedly a liberal thing.

  • you are unbelievably easy to discredit. Nobody needs lessons. You do it yourself.

  • They get an A. They move to the head of the class.

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