In the movie, ” The Wizard of Oz” , what was Dorothy’s last name?

Last name of Dorothy is found in book only….not in movie.

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  • Glinda, the Good Witch of the North: Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

    Dorothy: I’m not a witch at all. I’m Dorothy GALE from Kansas.

    Glinda, the Good Witch of the North: Oh. Well, is that the witch?

    Dorothy: Who, Toto? Toto’s my dog!

    and to the person who is later to say it’s spelled Gael… what makes you say that?

    unless you’re referring to Geoff Ryman’s novel “Was”

  • Keavy Member since: July 17, 2006 Total points: 1936 (Level 3) Add to My Contacts Block User Best answer 42%229 answers Member Since: July 17, 2006 Total Points: 1936 (Level 3) Points earned this week: 0 Add to My Contacts Block User Best Answer – Chosen by Asker If she would’ve taken the red road, she probably would’ve ended up in the land of the Quadling County which is in the southern part of Oz. Glinda the witch of the SOUTH lives in the Quandlings in the original Oz series by L. Frank Baum. Each land in Oz has a color – Munchkinland in the east is blue, the Gilikins in the north are purple, the Quadlings to the south are red, and the Winkie County to the West is yellow. But actually the directions are reversed on a map of oz – north and south are the same, but west is east and east is west. So – if Dorothy took the red road in the MOVIE she would’ve ended up in the south and found the real Glinda that lives there and is a more powerful sorceress than the Glinda of the North in the movie. Then that Glinda would’ve given her the gnome king’s magic belt to go back and forth between Kansas and Oz. I’m not making this up! This stuff comes from the Oz book series. There are 14 original ones by L. Frank Baum and over 40 in the oz series! 5 months ago

  • The correct spelling is Dorothy Gale as in wind. Not surprising that Frank Baum would use that last name for his character. Quite a few authors have “in” jokes buried in names.

  • The name is Gale – spelled just that way. L. Frank Baum is consistent in spelling it that way throughout the Oz series (he wrote 14 books total, and they there were others written by additional authors)and he never once spells it any other way. As far as I know, the authors that came after Baum always spelled it that way. Certainly Ruth Plumley Thompson, who came after Baum and was writing the books when the movie came out, always spelled it Gale.

  • Her name was Dorothy Gale. It actually was in the movie. I can’t remember the scene, but I do remember hearing it.

  • Gale

  • I do believe her last name is Gale

  • these other folks are right but they’ve got the spelling wrong; it was Dorothy Gael.

  • Gale!

  • They don’t reveal her last name in the movie, but they do in the books the movie was taken from.

    Dorothy Gale.

    Edit: Oh, I’ll have to watch that scene. Never knew it was in there. Thanks, Subtle.

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