In the musical, Music Man, does Zaneeta Shinn kiss Tommy?

I am auditioning for the musical, Music Man, and I’m thinking about auditiong for the part of Zaneeta Shinn because of the dance in her role. The suggested age is 14-17 and I’m 13, so my mom says that I should go for it. My only concern is that Zaneeta has to kiss the character Tommy, and I’m worried that They’ll cast me and Tommy will be older and I’ll have to kiss him. Does anyone know if the characters kiss???? PLEASE ANSWERS!!!

3 Answers

  • The closest is when they are in the library, and they’re interrupted by Madame Librarian.

    Actually, she says, “Ye gods!”, doesn’t she?

    I suppose her daddy the mayor might say, “You watch your phraseology!”

  • Zaneeta

  • In the movie they did not. They had a number together and held hands but beyond sharing a soda (two straws) i didn’t see any kissing. Yee Gawd…

    PS–good luck

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