In the sentences below, which of the bolded adverbs is used to describe an adjective?

In the sentences below, which of the bolded adverbs is used to describe an adjective? a. troy was too cold to continue ice skating. b. jack grumbled loudly about his history grade. c. nora looked sadly into the mirror. d. gia ran very quickly to get to the bus on time.


For me the answer is a because of the words too and cold, the cold is the adjective and the word too is the adverb. the word too described the word cold because it stated how cold troy was.
"Gia ran very quickly to get to the bus on time" is the sentence among the choices that has bolded adverbs that is used to describe an adjective. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the second option or option "B". I hope that the answer has come to your help.
'What caused the disruption of the online service' is a noun clause, so the correct answer is A. It is used as a 'subject' of the sentence here.

1) C

2) A

4) B

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1-a-Madame Magloire.

2-c. A single subject. (A single sentence is made up of one subject and one predicate).

3-b. Some plants growing at an angle can straighten themselves up. ( The underlined word is a present participle derived from " ..plants that are growing at...").

4-d. All of the above

5-d. The boy and his friends run every day.

6-c. That book is Laura's

7-a. Her brother Chris is on the basketball team.

8-c. Implication.

9-d. No particular person, place, or thing.

10-d. All of the above

11-d. Metaphor

12-a. The speaker sounds hoarse, as if he has a cold.

13-b. The letter will be written by her.

14-a. Who

15-c. seem

16-b. has

17-a. annoying ( The speaker is giving an opinion about Harry).

18-d. both b and c

19-b. Jack Smith

20-b. single sentence

21-a- angry


b. adjective clause


An adjective clause tells something about the noun or pronoun in the sentence. It provides some of the required information which is essential for the sentence. An adjective clause begins with relative pronouns or relative adverbs. They provide additional information. A subject and a verb is a part of an adjective clause. In the above sentence, 'that is mailed today' is the adjective clause.

b. Adjective clause


The subordinate clause in this sentence is "who bought me a puppy for my birthday" and it functions as an adjective because it modifies the noun phrase "the one" (like adjectives and adjective phrases, adjective clauses describe or add information about a noun element in the sentence).

C. Adverb Clause should be the correct answer. Just took the same test, sorry if it's a bit late.

it is an adverb clause of time

Thanks for the points


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