In thoroughbred horse racing breeding is artificial insemination allowed?

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  • The exact rules from the Jockey Club regarding artificial insemination are as follows

    To be eligible for registration, a foal must be the result of a stallion’s Breeding with a broodmare (which is the physical mounting of a broodmare by a stallion with intromission of the penis and ejaculation of semen into the reproductive tract). As an aid to the Breeding, a portion of the ejaculate produced by the stallion during such mating may immediately be placed in the uterus of the broodmare being bred. A natural gestation must take place in, and delivery must be from, the body of the same broodmare in which the foal was conceived. Without limiting the above, any foal resulting from or produced by the processes of Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer or Transplant, Cloning or any other form of genetic manipulation not herein specified, shall not be eligible for registration

  • Artificial Insemination Horses

  • Not allowed for race thoroughbreds. Some of the confusion on this question may lie in the fact that artificial insemination is allowed for standardbred racing horses in many states.


  • Artificial Insemination is NOT allowed in throughbred racing breeding! They do live cover around two three times a day. Standardbreds are allowed A.I.

  • Yes, that is true. I heard it was because of demand of specific racehorses. For example, if AI was available, everyone would want to breed their mare to a horse such as Secretariat (or for a more recent example, maybe Curlin or Smarty Jones), to try to create a great racehorse. Problem with this is, with these sires in such high demand and anyone able to purchase semen from them, the genes of these horses would be all over the place. With AI, you’re not sure what horse the semen is going to be used for. It could be used for someone’s champion race-mare, or it could be used for some old nag sitting in someone’s backyard because they want a foal from a famous horse. In the case of racehorses, breeding a stallion to so many mares with AI will obviously create a lot of horses with the given sire in its pedigree. The accessibility of the AI would lead to overbreeding and inbreeding of the Thoroughbred breed. Refusing AI in the Thoroughbred racing industry assures the stud owners that the mare that is being covered is a purebred and up to any standards the stud farm may set on mare quality. It also cuts down on the amount of overbreeding/inbreeding of a particular stallion.

  • NO.NO.NO….artificial insemination is not allowed in thoroughbred horse racing.

    However, artificial insemination is allowed for standard bred horse racing…

    For this question, and in all fairness…Greyt-mom gets ‘best answer’…That is the answer…

  • No. It’s laborious and requires professional help.

    Most of the previous answers were correct.

    I will go one step further on the subject….

    I believe it’s time to evaluate the inbreeding that I see too much of in thoroughbreds.

    Think it’s time different blood gets mixed in.

    The breed hasn’t been improved upon in over 30 years.

    Over 75% of all racehorses have bloodlines going back to two stalions that an Italian genius called Federico Tesio produced.

    It’s time for another genius to change the blood around.

  • In order to race your horse must be registered with the Jockey Club.

    In order to be registered with the Jockey Clib your horse MUST have been bred from a live cover.

    The Jockey Club will not allow any horses bred from AI to be registered ever and they are not going to change that in the comming future.

  • Yes of course AI (artificial insemination) is allowed……a stallion would not make it through a breeding season if he had to mount every mare being breed.

  • I thought they did not allow it….. but I am not 100% sure of that.

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