In water. a substance that ionizes completely in solution is called a

15) In water, a substance that ionizes completely in solution is called a A) weak electrolyte B) nonelectrolyte C) semiconductor D) nonconductor E) strong electrolyte 16) Identify the colligative property. A) vapor pressure lowering B) freezing point depression C) boiling point elevation D) osmotic pressure increasing E) all of the above 17) A value that indicates the extent of dissociation of strong electrolytes or weak electrolytes in aqueous solution is which of the following. A) Avagadros Number B) Ideal Gas Constant C) Vant Hoff factor D) Specific Heat E) Speed of Light 18) Calculate the molality of the solution formed when of 50.0 g of glucose (Molar mass 180.2) is dissolved in 0.250 kg of water. A) 0.400 molal B) 1.11 molal C) 0.925 molal D) 0.200 molal E) 0.167 molal 19) Calculate the freezing point of a 2.00 molal solution of the nonelectrolyte glucose. The freezing point constant for water is 1.86 C/molal. A) -2.00 °C B) 1.86 °C C) 3.72 °C D)-1.86 °C E) -3.72 °C 20) What unit of temperature is used in gas law calculations? A) Fahrenheit B) Celsius C) Kelvin D) either Celsius or Fahrenheit E) either Celsius or Kelvin


5 o.25 3.12 T3.72 2oKelin

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