in what episode of bleach does nova show his face?

nova is my favarite person in the blwach anime! and i want to know if he shows his face!

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  • Nova’s such a lovable character! I love him too, he’s so cute…even though he doesn’t say much.

    His mask usually covers everything but his eyes- when he’s embarassed, he zips it shut and it covers everything. The most we ever see of Nova’s face is in episode 86, where he fights that old Bount guy (Sawatari?) and he’s injured by his doll- and half his mask gets ripped off his face. It’s only the top half though. (His eyes are SO cute!)

  • Nova Bleach

  • Bleach Nova

  • Nova was part of the Bount arc, which was anime only, so they have never appeared in the manga. So no he has never shown his face in the manga, at least not the official manga, someone may have made a doujin or something that showed him, but nothing official that I know of.

  • Nova is just a filler character, he hasn’t shown his face yet. He’s cute, getting shy and all that (^_^)

  • I don’t think we ever get to see his face XD he only ever shows his eyes, or zips his hood thing so we don’t see anything lol

  • *Noba.

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