In WoW how do i abandon a pet if it is dead?

My pet in WoW died and now i cant get another because it says i already have the dead one so how do i abandon a dead pet?

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    You have a revive pet button in the spellbook, if it's not on a bar somewhere.

    Click it.

  • Right click on the picture of your pet under your picture in the left hand corner of the screen and chose abandon pet.

    You also have a revive pet option in your spellbook if you want to keep using the same pet.

  • Revive your pet first (if you dont have the revive pet ability pick it up from training the beast quest)

    now right click your pets picture and click abandon

  • in case you have a puppy, you ought to have a spell to resurrect your puppy. in case you do not have it on your spell e book, then visit the hunter coach present in all considerable cities. Ask guards to help music them down extra.

  • Did he die?

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