Increasing solubility in H2O?

Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing solubility in H2O….O2, LiCl, Br2, methanol(CH3OH).

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  • O2 is the least soluble in water, followed by Br2.

    the problem is that both LiCl and methanol dissolve completely in water. LiCl since it is an ionic compound, and methanol since it forms hydrogen bonding with water. Therefore any order for LiCl and methanol would be correct I presume.

  • O2 < Br2 < LiCl < MeOH

    i think.

    O2 is a gas, which makes it only partially soluble, Br2 is a liquid and although is soluble in water, its density is very high (~3gcm-3) so its solubility is not very good. LiCl is a salt and is soluble in water, although it will reach a saturation point, but probably higher than that of Br2. MeOH is completely miscible with water and therefore has infinite solubility and thus the highest solubility.

    reasons are a bit poor i’m afraid, but you don’t tend to worry too much about questions like this in industry.

  • If I remember correctly its probably MeOH, LiCL, Br2 O2

  • You should compare the Henry’s Law constants for each molecule, that’s the easiest way.

    Source(s): NIST
  • Is this the “do other people’s homework” forum? I think this is beyond asking questions and into posting homework.

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