Ineed which phrase best describes ‘jacksonian democracy’?

Ineed which phrase best describes "jacksonian democracy"? political leaders turned to experts for guidance during difficult times.the electorate included african americans, native americans, and women.ordinary citizens had a leading role and an organized system of political parties arose.the executive branch relied on a group of advisers called a cabinet.


Ordinary citizens had a leading role and an organized system of political parties arose


Jacksonian Democracy is a term that refers to Andrew Jackson's beliefs on how America's political system should be structured. Known as the "champion of the common man" Jackson was a significant advocate of getting rid of property qualifications for the purpose of voting. Before this time, many states had laws that limited voting to white males who only held a certain amount of land. Thanks to Jackson and his idea of democracy, he helped to eliminate property requirements to ensure universal suffrage for white males.

Assuming that this is referring to the same list of options that was posted before with this question, the correct response would be the one having to do with the ideo of Jacksonian democracy seeking to increase the extent to which the voices of the "common man" in society can be heard and respected, as opposed to the voices of big business and the upper classes. 

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