Inner bicep tattoo healing?

I am going for a tattoo today on my inner bicep and I would like to know how the healing is for you guys?

Was there any bruising? Is it the typical couple days of moisturing or more? etc, etc. I’d like some feedback.

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  • I have both inner biceps done with large pieces. They both healed easy enough. My artist recommended 3 days of aquaphor and then unscented lubriderm, so that’s what I did. I wore really lose shirts so it wouldn’t stick.

    Inner bicep is really prone to blow outs, though, so just make sure you have a good artist!

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  • Have to take care of UNOA for 15-20 days, you have to do is wash it with mild soap and water 2 or 3 times a day and 3 or 4 times a day to put vaseline pure ", which sold in the pharmacy."

    Grabs the tatuador If you are a little stronger arm to stretch the skin could be that you quit any purple, but do not need to worry.

    I have tattoos in that area and I left a lot to me step because the purple tatuador I tightened a bit stronger and I am also sensitive skin.

  • This is not infected. I really wish people who knew jack about tattoos wouldn’t scare the out of people with new tattoos. You just underwent a trauma to your arm in having ink violently hammered into your skin. Swelling and bruising are going to happen. Keep it clean, don’t over do the ointment and take care of yourself while you heal and you will be fine. I’ve had tattoos do worse with swelling an bruising especially up under my arm near the pit.

  • while i do not have a tattoo yet, I’m getting my first after Christmas, but I’d like to point out "best advice ever" that the inner bicep is on the ARM not the leg and his comments were extremely rude.

  • Well i just got mine done last saturday, it was on my right arm I seen couple scabs here and there and i still feel lil burn on the scab… i keep put my Aquaphor on it.. I had on my left arm too but it was perfect, i feel nothing, healed up in 4 days after inked…

    I’m just thinking because i use my right arm more than my left so the skin stretch all the time, that’s why it causing the scabs…

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  • "best advise ever" you are an A$$, Try taking an anatomy class or two! The inner bicep would be the arm not the leg!

    As for your question… I never got a tat there so i dnt know for sure, just try not to let it rub to much. Good luck!

  • Only real difference i noticed was more swelling and pain for a few days longer like a dead leg pain.

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  1. I got my inner bicep done last week. I have been washing and using Aquaphore as directed. Is there a trick to keeping it from that stinging sensation with the shirt sleeve rubbing on it? What is the average time of healing for this location?


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