Is 1000 Yuan in China is a very small amount of money?I mean it can’t buy much thing?

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  • Some people are paid only 400 yuan each month and survive. It is a relative thing to some 1000 Yuan is a lot and to some not much.

  • Well it depends on context.

    Some bars in Shanghai are minimum 500 yuan per person, so it is night out for 2 and walking home.

    But in a restaurant beers can be 5-10 yuan each or a bar 30-50 yuan for a beer.

    On the other hand a cheap meal in many cities would be 5 yuan or 10 yuan in Beijing.

    Dinner (without wine) at Arias in the China World 5 star hotel is around 1000 yuan.

    1000 yuan is an ok weekend away for 2 people.

    So I guess it depends on the context. Is it 1000 a week, 1000 a month or 1000 an hour?

  • when I was living in China the first time I made 4000 a month and didn’t suffer at all. It depends on what you do with it. You can stay in a hostel for 25 Yuan per night or in a fancy hotel for 1000 a night. It is not a very small amount of money. The Chinese English teachers at the school were making 1600 Yuan a month.

  • With the current exchange rate, 1000 Yuan is equal to about 156-157 US Dollars.

  • 1 yuan equals roughly 15 American cents. Prices in China are lower than in western countries for services, food, and some products. Luxury brand products cost the same in China as elsewhere. 1,000 yuan = 400 bottles of Pepsi = 40 McDonald’s value meals = 2 Panasonic MP4s

  • not much i think, depends on you social status

    many students only has 800 a month they eat in the school cafeteria

    but i think for one person at least you need 2000 to survive for a month

    so 1000 is not that small either

  • no amount of yuan can buy freedom in China

  • It is quite a lot if your there for a holiday or vacation

  • It depends of so many things, nobody can answer this

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