Is 22 inches tall considered a tall baby for a girl?

I had my first child almost 3 weeks ago. Born 9/15/11. She’s a great healthy baby j/w if she’s tall for being a girl. Im 5’10” and her dad is 6’4”. She was 8 lbs and 3.1 oz and 22” tall at birth.

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  • isnt a little on the long side, babies are generally between 18-23 inches at birth. However, two of my friends had 24 inch babies, super big. Shes about 5’1 her husband is about 5’10, so im not sure that means anything.

    However im 5’5 and my husband is 6’4 (his father was 6’8) and our son who was 7 wks premature was 18.75inches at birth and our daughter who was full term was 20.25 inches at birth.

  • My daughter was 22″ at birth. I thought she wad going to be tall. All through school she was among the shortest in her class. She is now twelve and just recently had a growth spurt. She still looks so short compared to her friends, but, at least now I know she is growing. 22″ is long but birth length is not a predictor of future length.

    Also I am 5’6″ and her dad id 5’10” . My daughter was 7lbs and 4 oz at birth.

  • Oh yeah, your baby was huge! My daughter is only a week old, I’m 5 8″ and her dad is about 6 3″ and she was only 7 pounds 4 ounces and 18.3 inches.

  • well, you both are tall. I am 5’5″ and husband is 5’9″, our 7 lb baby girl was 19″ at birth. So, yours was a whole pound more and only 3″ taller, i would say that’s pretty normal. Congrats!

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  • That is taller than average for a newborn- not necessarily just for girls, boys as well.

    That doesn’t indicate her future height though, it just means she was long 🙂

    However, you and your husband are pretty tall- so your daughter is bound to be tall as well!

  • yep, that’s pretty tall. average babies are between 18 and 20 inches at birth.

  • yes it is above average but i dont think its going to affect her later on. she probably will be tall bcuz u2 are, but i dont believe thats why she was so long at birth

  • Yeah but not very tall.

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