Is 28E bra size big for a petite girl?

I understand bra sizes, and I know 28E is actually an “average” size on an average frame. Just because the letter is E doesn’t mean the boob is big, because my number is only 28. For example, my friend who wears a 36C has bigger boobs than my 28E.

That being cleared up, I was always under the impression my 28Es were big since im only 5’2″ 105 lbs lol. And the bra size isn’t even heard of because most petite girls with a 28 measurement usually are in A or B cups. So for someone with my frame are they considered big?

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  • I would guess for an adult female somewhere in the C cups. For a teenager, I think the average is probably a 34 or 36 B. I’m a 34B, 22 years old, and a size 2. I think my boobs are big for my size, but not large. When I was 15 years old, I was a 36C!

  • If more people were properly sized, I’m sure the average for petite girls would actually fall around the 28E mark and most people who are D cups, should be in E or F cups. What people think the average looks like and what the average is are two totally different things. I’m a 32K and I feel like I look more what most people feel a DD or DDD cup look like. Because you’re petite, the actual size might be more noticeable (most girls who are petite with even average size breast look like they have a bit larger breast in relation to their body size).

  • You are right – your boobs are only big when compared to the rest of your body. An E cup on a 28 is the same size as a B cup on the more common 34 inch woman. Men who don’t buy bras think that a D cup is the same on all bra band sizes, but its not.

  • 28 inhces (if that’s the band size of the bra you wear) is on the skinny side for a chest measurement and with a size E cup, you would have larger breasts then most women, taller or shorter then you.

    I measure at a 32DD, I’m 5ft 7in and about 140 lbs.

    Every one’s made differently. If you’re ok with your size then don’t think too much about it.

  • The number is the band size and the letter is the cup size. Yes, it is possible that the cup size will vary with the band size. For instance, I can wear a 36B, but it’s a little tight. The size that fits me perfectly is 32C. I am 4’11” and weigh 106 lbs. I would say that it’s a little bigger than average, yes. Mine are, and we are about the same size, so yours definitely would be considered bigger than average. Hope I helped

  • For a petite girl, yes a 28E is pretty noticeable. I’m a 32C but on my body frame, it doesn’t have as much of an impact, even though we’re sister sizes (32C – 30D – 28E).

    So yeah, I guess you’ve got a bigger chest size that the average petite woman.

  • E is WAY bigger than average

    the average cup size is C

    E does mean its big

    VERY big

    on a 28″ body they must be enromous

  • Yeah I’m 32DD wondering if I should go up to 32DDD… It’s big but not gross big!! Be proud 🙂

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