is 35 inches around your thigh big?

ive always been reallyy self conscious about my legs they always seem so big 😐

is this big? if so what are effective ways of losing weight? like how many calories should i be eating/what foods etc?

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  • Put it like this, my waist is like 33-34 inches. If one of your thighs is bigger than the size of my waist, then you might want to drop some pounds. The FDA recommendation is 2,000 calories per day for a female and 2,500 for a male. Take note to the Nutritional Facts of the items that you are reading. When you go out to eat, ask for the Nutritional Facts or look them up online PRIOR to visiting the restaurant.

    There are plenty of sites that you can use to find out information. Just do a search and go from there.

  • Yeah, sorry, 35 inch thighs is pretty darn big for thighs. A really effective way to lose the weight on your legs, butt and hips is to start walking. Walk 1-2 miles a day, or as often as you can and when you do, try to walk fast to get your heart rate up. Once you get used to walking try incorporating some running. You don’t need any fancy weight loss supplements or equipment to lose the weight, just simple walking or running. Oh and definitely eat healthier and eat a little less. I dunno what the rest of your body looks like, but eating fruit, vegetables, lean meat and when you eat bread, eat whole grain or 9 grain if you can, and don’t eat carbs past 5 p.m. or so. All this will help you lose weight.

  • Yes 35 inches around your thigh is big. My waist used to be 35 1/2 inches now it’s 33. If your thigh is that big you need to lose some weight the biggest my thigh had been is 26 inches around because of swelled lymph nodes. My thigh is 24 inches around. Go to the doctor to see if there is anything wrong if not could be just extra fat. Remember God loves people no matter what they look like.

  • Calories is a large topic when it comes to weight loss. We need to understand three things: the number of calories in our food, the number of calories a specific activity uses up every 60 minutes, and finally our own personal daily limit of calories. I uncovered the solutions to all of these questions by learning from the site in the box below, they have plenty of tips and tricks, I worked off 6 pounds by following their helpful advice.

  • Not to be mean to you at all but yes that is fairly big. Unless you mean 35cm? 35 inches is way above the average thigh circumference.

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