Is 5 shots of vodka a lot?

5 shots in like 20 minutes but then nothing else for the rest of the night.

Do you think that is a lot? I’m 5’2 and weigh 120, and don’t drink very often

10 Answers

  • Why are you timing it? Yes that may get you drunk but you’ll sober up eventually. Why not space them out? You kids don’t know anything about alcohol any more.

  • You decide – have you done it or are you planning to? It is not just about your weight and height, it is about what you have eaten (if anything – everyone knows alcohol has a more immediate effect on an empty stomach) and what you want to get from this? If you are young and inexperienced with alcohol then it is a lot, a dangerous lot which will decrease your common sense by a factor of 20. You do this and you can get yourself in a hell of a mess. (vomiting for starters. saying and doing things you will later regret) Just be careful. I am not against drinking, but take care.

  • Empty abdomen is the main right here. On an empty abdomen, 5 photos might probable provide an alcoholic a first rate buzz. that is tough to tell once you’re a mild-weight consistent with this, nevertheless. 5 photos with some nutrition on your abdomen might buzz maximum folk, yet no longer get them trashed.

  • Yes, vodka has high alcohol content. And in 20 minutes, that’s too much. I wouldn’t do that.

  • Thats alot in 20 minutes. I drink tons and that would black me out. Spread it out.

  • SPinning Room , staggering right away would determine to much.

  • For your size yes it is. Watch how much you drink.


  • Yes its alot! Dont do it! Drinking is bad! Its an excuse for people to get laid!

  • Yeah, it’ll hit you pretty hard.

  • It depends. Did you get Naked? If not, then no it’s not a lot.

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