Is 66 degrees hot or cold?

Any ideas for what i could wear to school?

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  • No one can give you a definite answer. This is because 66 degrees can be hot, warm, cool, or cold by anyone. People who live in normally cold areas may tell you that 66 is warm or hot, while people who live in warmer climates will tell you that 66 is cool or cold. Is 66 degrees hot or cold? Depends on the person. To me, 66 is cool.

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  • Humans are generally comfortable at about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. So it’s just a smidge cooler than that. Dress in layers. Wear a T-shirt under a sweater, and jeans or long pants.

  • If you live in Alaska, 66 degress is shorts and tank-top weather. If you live in Mexico, wear your winter coat tomoorow.

  • For me in the UK, if it was that temperature and raining it would be cool, if it were that in Spring or Autumn under sunshine (especially in Spring), it would be warm. If it were that in Winter under any conditions, it would be very mild. I say this because it will feel warm under strong Spring/Summer sunshine but under weak Winter sunshine it would just feel mild.

  • Hot is temperature high but cold is temperature low

  • 66c or 66f ?……………….66f is normal,but 66c is boiling..

    However I see you ask what you should wear so it must 66f ,which is comfortable..

    Wear a coat/jacket on top of a light jumper in case it turns colder .If it turns warmer you could always take something off…..remember if it turns cold you cannot put it on if you haven`t got it with you !!

  • Hell, that is perfect. Mabey a sweat jacket at most. Im stuck in 30 ville godda**it.

  • 66 C: Find shade NOW

    66 F: Not Bad

    66 K: Testicle-Freezing

    Units, please.

  • Light Jacket will be fine!

  • a little cool, dress warm

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