is a cabernet sauvignon best served chilled or room temperature?

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  • About right in between those two choices. Not refrigerated, not room temp. Just cooled. If you check the web for sites about wines, you can find an exact temp for best taste for cab. You can get an instant-read thermometer to check the temp as you cool the bottle the first time, and then you will know after that how long to chill it for the desired temp.

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    Wine, in this case, is made from grapes regardless if it’s red, white or pink. Red is obviously made from dark skinned grapes and the skins are left in the mix to colour the wine and give it flavour. Rose is also made from dark skinned grapes and the skins are left in the wine for a short time to give the wine a little colour before being taken out. White wine is made from either light skinned grapes, or dark skinned grapes. If it’s made with dark skinned grapes the skins are removed so they don’t colour the wine. Typically, these are the wines you find. Some dessert wines are more golden in colour, and wines made from fruit other than grapes might have a slightly different colour than those listed above. When it comes to chilling wine, the rule is that the heavier and more complex the grape, the closer to room temperature you serve the wine. Room temperature in this case is actually a little less than actual room temperature and is usually around 18 degrees. So a white wine or rose wine are served chilled. This means stick it in the fridge and maybe 20 minutes or so before you serve it you need to pull it out. It’s not supposed to be served cold like beer. A light, fruity red should be served lightly chilled. So around 10-15 degrees depending on the wine. A heavy red like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz should be served at “room temperature”.

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    is a cabernet sauvignon best served chilled or room temperature?

  • You’ll get many replies saying ‘room temperature’, because they’ve read that about red wine.

    But what is room temperature? It is obvious that the temperature in a room can vary widely.

    Cabernet, like all red wines, should be served so that it is slightly cool to the lips. It should not feel

    If that require you putting the bottle in the fridge for 20 -30 minutes before opening, that is OK. (I do so for all my red wines in the summer)

    If the wine is warm, you lose flavor, it accentuates the alcohol feel, and — if it is too warm — you cannot easily cool it unless you put an icecube in your glass.

    If the wine is too cool for your taste, though, you can easily warm it up by cupping the glass in your hands.

  • red are generally best served at room temp chilled is usually reserved for the whites How old is this wine cabernet generally should age for a while to have the best flavor..if you do pop the cork on a cabernet let it breathe for a little while before you serve (15-20 min )

  • Red wines are supposed to be served at room temperature. That being said, I prefer mine chilled. It’s all a matter of taste and preference.

    Which ever way you prefer to drink it…. enjoy it.

  • I’ve read you can chill it in the fridge slightly for 10-15 min. to get it to the proper 60-65 degree mark. I don’t think it’s needed because room temperature is close enough and I don’t think it makes a difference.

  • Room temperature, definitely.

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