Is a second interview a good thing?

Usually people say it is but with my current job my manager told me she had me do a second interview with the other manager because she “wasn t sure about me” haha. I mean I did get hired! But yesterday I had my first interview at Jamba Juice and they scheduled me for a second one this morning. It seemed to go well but I m still uncertain what could happen. There were lots of smiles and laughs with both the manager and assistant or possibly co manager and they told me I d hear back from them in a few days. I just don t know if they wanted me in for a second interview because they liked me or were unsure of me? Then again my first interview was supposed to be with the either assistant or co manager but she was busy so the main manager interviewed me, maybe I had a second one just so the person I was originally supposed to get interviewed by could finally do it?

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  • You’re overhtinking this. If th4e first person doesn’t like you, then they dodn’t sschedule a second interview.

  • Usually a second interview is a good thing. It almost always means the person who first interviewed you saw no reason to remove you from the pool of applicants.

    Once in a while a second interview means the person who conducted the first one made some mistake–failed to include someone who needed to be there, forgot to ask important questions, like that. But that’s unusual.

  • Yes

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